Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adopting US Kids

Did you know that many American kids are now being adopted by foreign parents?  In years past I had often heard of children being adopted from poor countries or countries with an abundance of unwanted children... but I never pictured it being the US.  The first time I heard a Dutch family adopted an American child I was speechless.  Should I have really been so shocked?  I guess I naively thought adopted American kids stayed in the US.  When I saw an article on CNN online this morning it brought back those first memories and realizations, and it made me want to share the article with my readers:


  1. I am flabbergasted. I thought that people have to wait for YEARS to get a child in the US, so that is why they end up doing a foreign adoption!

    1. I think there is a lot we don't understand about adoption, and it doesn't hurt to get informed. :) Danica