Friday, September 20, 2013

Driving Decisions #2

Way back in 2011, I wrote a post about the stupid things I had seen cars do while on the road or in a parking lot.  At that time I didn't have my Dutch license and was always on foot, so I saw my fair share of crazy driving decisions and had the easy access of my camera to snap pics.  Nowadays, I have a license and a car, so taking pictures isn't as easy but I still see a lot of craziness on the road.  One thing you see often at Dutch stop lights are pushy motorcycles.  When there is a double row of traffic stopped at a red light, a motorcyclist will often squeeze between traffic, riding down the middle line, making his (or her) way to the front of the row.  They wait in between the cars until the light changes, then speed off before the cars even get started.  (Keep in mind, this is against the law in The Netherlands but often overlooked by police.)  Personally, I think the motorcyclists are crazy to do this, how do they know no one is going to switch lanes or toss their door open.  Why should they get privileges because their vehicles are smaller?  On one hand I understand, it speeds things up for them... but at such a stupid risk.  And it's not only at traffic lights you'll see them squeezing between cars, I've also seen this on the highway during traffic jams!  My mother used to ride a motorcycle, and my step-dad still does, and in a million years they would never make this decision (plus in The States you'd be pulled over right away!)  Have you seen any crazy motorcyclists in your area?
(Sorry for the quality of the pic, but that's what you get with your phone at a stoplight!)


  1. Every once in awhile I see some crazy motorcyclist in the States, but usually they are pretty cautious drivers. The worst I've ever experienced was when we were in Paris. Those motorcyclists were crazy! Racing in the SAME lane as the cars going 50-60 mph! I was a nervous wreck. AND I guess it is legal there!

  2. They do this in the states too and it freaks me out! They could get killed just because they're impatient!

  3. Read about what happened in NY recently, the incident between the SUV & motorcyclists, things get ugly quick! :( Danica