Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Christmas is Coming

I was at my favorite bargain store the other day and I noticed they already have a small section of Christmas supplies on display!!!  Now I know in The States they start a couple months before the holidays with sale items, but I'm across the pond in The Netherlands.  They aren't even into commercial holidays like Valentine's, Halloween, & Christmas (delved into this in a post last year).  To be honest I was a little confused when I first saw the half full racks of cards and decorations, I actually had to question which month we're in.  I am so busy right now planning my daughter's b-day celebrations and transfers of schools & hobbies I can't even think that far ahead.  I really felt like the store had jumped the gun until I was at my in-laws and they started talking about where to put the Christmas tree!  Maybe I'm behind in planning???  Didn't summer just past?  Even the weather decided to jump on board, last week it was hot, shorts & tank tops kind of hot, and this morning it was 50F on our walk to school! 

We barely decorate for the holidays, and only thanks to our kid do we put up a tree at Christmas.  How many of you have started pulling out the boxes of autumn decorations?  Anyone started stocking up on Christmas decorations yet?

Sorry for the short posts this week, but like I mentioned I am slammed busy, hopefully once my daughter starts kindergarten full time I can get back to decent posts (even though I did promise you this a month ago)!


  1. Okay, I'd say putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween is DEFINITELY early! I was thinking about going through my fall decorations - seeing if I have anything that isn't "halloweenie" type stuff. This week the temps are in the 90's still so it's hard to imagine Fall yet!

  2. The stores seem to put out the decorations earlier and earlier every year! Other than for my shop, I don't start thinking about Christmas until about Dec. 20th...lol :)

  3. I can't stand decorating. I think we usually do it right after our Thanksgiving here in the states (the end of November) and we promptly take them down on New Years Day. We only do the inside though, we're way too lazy to go out to do them.

  4. Glad to know we're not the only ones! :) Danica