Tuesday, April 29, 2014

For Sale

Our apartment has been for sale for a while now, years actually (thanks economic crisis).  Anyway, we've been through a lot of emotions in this process.  In the beginning - excitement... In the middle - desperation...  And now, coming around the bend & out of the crisis - exhaustion.  Not because of the unknown time line before the place sells (we're actually no longer in a rush), but because the market is picking up & there are double the viewers than in the past year!  For those of you that have sold an apartment or house, you understand.  The meticulous cleaning is what gets me!!!  I'm a stay-at-home-mom and obviously cleaning is part of my job, but cleaning for a viewing is completely different.  You have to get the excess out, like the blankets stacked on the couch, the toys in the tub, the random sports bags lying around, etc.  You have to straighten things, fluff things, hide things, fold things, etc. etc.  You have to clean everything in roughly two days so it that smells fresh & the dust doesn't have time to settle (at this moment I'm glad we're selling an apartment vs. a 2-story house).  Then besides the cleaning you have to remember things like, don't cook any strong smelling food within 24hrs or to leave all the lights on when you leave (that's a hard one).  The husband goes off to work, and let's me pack his SUV with the excess before he leaves, can't really complain there.  Usually my kid is at school, that helps.  And the dog, well, she gets sent out back, sorry.  But this week there are two viewings planned (one was just an hour or so ago), and it's school vacation adding an extra challenge.  I can't complain our place is spick & span at the moment, but I know within hours it will be upside down again, and I get to start all over tomorrow for the next viewing!  (It's an interesting mixture of complaining & gratefulness.)  Happy cleaning!

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. All the reasons you mentioned above is probably why I have stayed in the same home for 28 years!! Stopping by from Tuesdays with a Twist