Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vacation - Ripley's Museum

When you plan a vacation to Florida, you think of sun, swimming, & basically anything outdoors.  Well, what happens when it rains, hmmm?  On St. Patrick's Day the weather wasn't ideal, and we had 6 adults & 1 kid to entertain.  My husband and I thought back to the days we were regulars in Orlando and remembered a fun museum we had gone to during the first couple months of our relationship (mentioned this a couple posts ago).  It was a hands-on museum, full of fun science & cool facts.  "Ripley's" one of us blurted out, definite fun for everyone especially our daughter.  We went online to pre-order tickets, sometimes you save money this way, and sure enough we did... there was a Paddy's Day special, 1/2 off normal ticket price!  We all loaded into the minivan we rented (ooh, another good post!) and headed off for a quick lunch before Ripley's Believe or Not Odditorium.  We were barely in the door when my husband & I realized, this wasn't the museum we actually remembered.  The hands-on science museum was actually WonderWorks, that's where we had gone for a date!  We had never been to the Ripley's in Orlando, but we had visited one in Key West, oops!

Luckily, it turned out to be lots of fun, despite it being packed.  (We weren't the only ones avoiding the weather!)  The brain teasers were great, everyone was asking each other questions, seeing who would get it right.  And the slanted room with a pool table messed with your eyes nearly making everyone sick.  There was something for everyone (even my father-in-law who I thought might make a break for it near the entrance, ha-ha), from being startled or caught off guard to passing hands-on challenges.  Plus there is just a lot of unique things to look at, I can't even imagine the life Mr. Ripley led, what a collection!  I think my favorite thing in the entire place was the car covered in instruments, I had a lot of fun playing there with my daughter.  (So glad my Mom & Step-Dad good join in the fun!)

As usual I've tossed in some pics for you, there from 3 different cameras so please ignore the quality difference.



Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica

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