Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vacation - Rental Car

Times have changed, and these days we no longer rent the Ford Mustang or cheap small compact.  The past two trips to Florida we have rented a Dodge Caravan, and it was wonderful.  I never thought I'd see the day I actually enjoyed a minivan but it was everything we needed.  We could easily fit all of the luggage (including golf clubs) to & from the airport... it was wide & comfy... fit 6 adults and 1 child, no problem... it's a smooth & sturdy ride... and last but not least, it actually had a decent sound system.  (As yes, when our daughter wasn't in the van we kicked up Wild 94.1 and jammed out to hip-hop, must have been pretty funny to see considering we're both in our early 30's!)  Our daughter loved changing seats, there were 4 she could choose from.  And everyone was fascinated with the way the middle seats folded up and moved aside in just seconds (wouldn't want to be standing in the way though)!  I even didn't mind driving it when my husband was off elsewhere, it didn't feel much different than our SUV (except the rental didn't have a reversing camera, so I didn't take the risk of backing it into a parking spot - something I can do in my own city car without a camera).  And unlike the old minivan my parents had in the 80's, everything is automatic, even the side doors open & close via remote and there are actually windows that go up & down in the sliding doors!  (Back in the day our only option was to pop them slightly open with a latch.)  I think this will be our usual rental when hitting up family in Florida, it's fun being able to travel around in one vehicle together, and the costs were not so bad either.

Any of you have (or rented) a new Dodge Caravan?

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. If there's more than two people, minivan all the way! We had some people visiting us in France so we rented a Volkswagen minivan, it was so comfy, I didn't want to give it back :)

    1. I agree, it was much more roomy than our SUV!
      :) Danica