Friday, May 9, 2014

Polyvore - Outfits #1

For anyone out there interested in fashion, you have to check out Polyvore!  Maybe you are great at coming up with stylish combinations and want to share your ideas with the world or maybe you're like me and desperately need help coming up with stylish outfits.  Either way, Polyvore has something for everyone... they even have home decorating tips.

I mentioned Polyvore way-way-way-way back in March 2012, in a post about my clothing style.  There are a couple members that were brought to my attention via Pinterest (love the combos they create), and then there was the original one that even drew me to Polyvore, dixi3chik.  I have no idea how I even stumbled upon this site, probably during a Google Image search!  Anyway, it's definitely helped me to come up with fresh ideas or even just to learn how to combine clothes I already own.

So today I wanted to highlight one of the other Polyvore members I follow, steffiestaffie.

Here are 4 different combos she came up with that I can actually apply to my closet.  No I don't own the exact clothes she is presenting but I do have comparable items.  Thanks for helping me layer and adding pops of color!  Not to mention finding a reason to pull the white pants out of the back of my closet!  (After a scroll through Polyvore yesterday I realized it's time to get myself tan or gold spring/summer shoes!!!)

Any of you check out Polyvore for ideas?  Any of you adding outfit combos to Polyvore?

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


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    1. Accidentally deleted the comment, so here it is : I LOVE polyvore! I tend to use it for house stuff and for my coursework (I am studying interior design) but will def check out your outfit combos in future!

    2. Thanks for the comment Phili, I tend to use Pinterest for decorating ideas, but I'll have to also give Polyvore a chance! :) Danica

  2. Love the last 2 especially... Ah to have my figure back once Baby C arrives and dress nicely again!xx