Monday, May 21, 2012

Applying Makeup

Why is it that women have to make such strange faces in the mirror while applying makeup?  Many of the faces serve purposes, though.  Opening your eyes as wide as you can helps with putting on mascara, and something about that tends to make your mouth open.  Sucking your cheeks in helps the cheek bones to stand out while applying blush.  Widening and flattening your lips makes it easiest to slap the lipstick on.  Then there's the constant touch ups and blending.  My husband decided to take pictures of me getting ready to go out to eat with friends, and as I look at them I just chuckle.  I was going to visit close friends to eat in a dark restaurant not preparing for the paparazzi.  It must seem absurd to men, to watch us women put on our war paint.  My husband doesn't even like makeup and feels most women wear too much.  Luckily for him I only wear makeup while outside of the house (also another silly thing women do).
But these silly faces women make go beyond the mirrors of their bathrooms.  How many women have you seen driving/riding down the road making faces in the mirror of the sun visor?  And beyond mirrors, there are our reflections in windows.  Why can't we walk passed our reflection without looking and analyzing ourselves?  My husband says I make the same face every time I look at myself; there's actually a slang term for it these days, duckface (mine falls short because my lips are too thin).  We all know it, you suck your cheeks in and pucker your lips.  It's something I've inherited, my mother does it also.  And it's a face you see all over the internet too, from celebrity gossip sites to Facebook profile pics (that people have taken of themselves).  Why do we think it makes us look nicer, the men (and other women) are laughing at us?!  At least I wear less makeup now than I did as a teenager; those poor girls have no idea that while trying to make themselves look older they're basically painting a sign on their face that screams I'm a teenager!  We all have reasons for caking on makeup, mine is mostly to hide acne, but doesn't the makeup just make the acne worse, wow, where's the sense behind it?  Vanity... narcissism... think about it ladies.  Isn't a smile supposed to be the best accessory?

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