Saturday, May 19, 2012


Along with many other quirky traits of mine, I am fairly superstitious.  At times it can make life challenging interesting.  The other day on the way to the store I had to walk quite far out of the way just to avoid walking under a ladder.  I often find myself knocking on things three times (preferably wood).  I personally never dispose of mirrors, I leave it up to someone else just in case it breaks I can't have that hanging over my head.  Days like Friday the 13th I'd rather stay inside.  When I was taking driving lessons (and the exam) I wore two necklaces hoping the well wishes behind them (gifts from my husband & grandmother) would somehow protect me.  Opening an umbrella inside is strictly forbidden when I'm around.  Or that certain times require me to make a wish, like when I blow out candles, see a shooting star, or toast a drink.  You'd think with all this in mind I struggle to step outside, but somehow the neurotic things have become second nature. 
Of course I've given up a few over time.  I've grown used to black cats and stepping on cracks.  That an apple a day keeps the doctor away (I'm allergic to uncooked apple so it might have the reverse effect).  Finding a penny heads up brings good luck.  That if the first butterfly you see that year is white, it'll bring good luck all year (too bad because I saw white butterflies everywhere this year).  That crows are a negative sign or that four-leaf clovers even exist. 
And occasionally I have to let things slide, like this past week while visiting Disneyland Paris we stayed in room 1408.  Seriously, they put us in 1408!  For those of you questioning the significance, just watch the movie.  Besides all of the crazy superstitions that have been around for ages, Hollywood is creating just a few more for us, thanks!


  1. Laughed when I read this 'cause I know a few people, who are very superstitious just like you. They crack me up. LOL. I had an aunt who will pull over to the side of the road for 3 good minutes when any color of cat crosses in front of her. I'd go, "but the cat is not black". She replies: "I don't care what color the cat is, I just have to make sure I pull over just in case something happens." Too funny. As for myself, I always wish upon a shooting star. Even now I still do. Love your post. Thank you.

  2. Your stories always make me chuckle, sometimes laugh out loud. Where did you get all these funny superstitions? For some silly reason I always considered the number 13 lucky and liked Friday the 13th. Of course I do throw a pinch of salt over my shoulder if I spill some salt, but I can't remember which shoulder I am supposed to throw it over. Something else I used to do was when walking with someone I love or care about and approached an obstacle that would separate us I would say "bread and butter". Because it is hard to separate the two when they are put together. I love your posts! Dad