Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Green Thumb (#2)

Here's a follow-up to a post from last October, Green Thumb.  As you might have read in many posts, we are still stuck in an apartment that isn't selling thanks to the market.  I finally grew tired of waiting for a new house with a backyard to plant herbs and vegetables in and decided to get busy on our terrace.  It all started with one package of flower seeds my 2 year old received at school.  We had a warm spell of weather in March and I decided to give gardening a shot, we'll just call it a practice round for the yard we'll one day have. 

I dug out a few mismatched old pots from the shed and my daughter and I planted the seeds.  We waited and waited then seedlings started popping up; I don't know who was more excited me or my daughter.  Seeing it was enjoyable for both of us, I went in search of other plants.  With her help we planted bulbs of gladioli and again waited.  When the green began to peak through the soil we knew we were on a roll.  The flowers haven't bloomed yet, but their time will come, the whites and golds from the different flowers will liven up our terrace even more. 

Not wanting to stop there and wanting to encourage my daughter to eat vegetables we have gone on to plant tomatoes (my Dad grew tomatoes when I was a kid) and carrots, the seedlings sprouted this week!  And being a fan of basil and hearing that it's one of the easiest things to grow, we also planted a row in a large rectangular pot, we're still waiting to see any results.  Since my gardening skills are at a beginners level, I'm still trying to decide what's a weed and what is actually the plant I'm waiting on.  You think weeds would be obvious, oh I have a lot to learn!  Thanks to my father-in-laws awesome camera, I took a few shots to share with you all.  I'm still learning how to use the camera so the pictures aren't as focused as I would like (either that or my vision is off)!


  1. My kids love planting too! Since we're in NYC, it's usually flowers although we did plant a tomato plant one year. It was fun to watch the kids' eyes grow bigger as they realized they were growing FOOD!!

  2. good luck !! I love love love my garden...and it all started with herbs on a windowsill..

  3. I'll be sure to check back with you two once the herbs and veggies are larger, I might be able to grow them but I don't know what to do after that, ha-ha! :) Danica