Friday, January 18, 2013

-6C = 21F

We had an oddly warm begin to the winter, but the last week the temperature has dropped and made up for that!  Then the snow came and the snow stayed.  For the most part I like the snow, except for when it comes to walking to swimming class.  If the hour round trip plus class wasn't enough, try pushing a stroller through snow and ice on top of it!  This week when we walked to class it was -6C, which is 21F, brrr!  My daughter had on about three layers of clothes, plus a cozy warm bag and blanket for the stroller, and don't forget the plastic cover to keep the snow off her, she was snug.  Me, well, I started out cold but after about 10 minutes I began to warm up.  After 20 min I was hot, and by the time I reached the pool 30 min later I was sweating.  I was probably the only person turning up at the pool worn out and sweating (one sure way to get myself sick)!  I pondered taking our little sled, that would have made the trip easier, but then I wouldn't have space for the bag of supplies.  There's no way I'll drive in this weather, I've only been back on the road for 1 year, I'm not up for sliding around in traffic yet.  My husband wonders why I don't take the bus, but I explained I'd still end up walking over 30 min (round trip) to get back & forth from the bus stops and it costs money, I don't really see the benefit.  I don't think I passed another stroller on our trip, they're not crazy, but this is the third winter my tot & I have been forging through winter conditions to get to a short 30 min swimming class.  But when I see how happy she is in the water and playing with her friends I know it's worth it, plus I get a workout along the way!


  1. Absolutely one of the main things I miss about living in Eindhoven was having to walk everywhere. Helped me shed probably 20-30 pounds that I had moved to Europe with. :) I admire your tenacity in this weather though, don't know if I could do that! :)

  2. This week wasn't any better, -5C during our walk! :) Danica