Sunday, January 6, 2013

Going Gray

Going gray, it's something some wo(men) dread.  How many of you hide your gray hair?  Last year at 30yrs old I discovered my 1st gray hair, a super long strand hidden amongst my dark brown hair.  I laughed... I was surprised... and I had no problem with it.  There was no need to dye it or pluck it, I wore it proudly.  Then this year I discovered another one (there are possibly more but not as obvious).  Again I joked, it took 3 yrs of raising my daughter to get 1 gray hair, I have a puppy for 4 months and they multiplied!  As of now, I still have no problem with it, I actually like it, it makes me different.  But how will I feel when all of the hair around my temples turns noticeably gray and I'm considered one of the women in their 30's that went gray prematurely... I guess I'll cross that bridge when it gets here.  Going gray is for the most hereditary, so of course I turned to my parents and asked when they started graying.  My Dad couldn't remember but he said it was definitely later in life and my Mom, I don't think she actually knows due to years of dying her hair.  Needless to say, it didn't help much.  I started asking around my friends, what did they think of it... the women said dye it are you crazy and the men could care less.  And the most important opinion of all is my husband's, and as of yet he doesn't care, but again it's one of those bridges we'll cross when we get there.  For the most part I forget about the two strands, but they like to remind me by sticking out every direction other than the natural flow of my hair.  Out of curiosity when did you start going gray?


  1. I've been going grey since I was 27! I use this as an excuse to spend money on highlights. They don't cover the grey but they make it a lot less noticeable :)

  2. Ha! Been going grey since I was 23! Getting anything between 2-5 grey hairs a week at the moment.

    To dye or not to dye? I think it depends on one's natural hair colour and how it matches the grey (which can be dull grey, silver or white). I've seen women with beautiful white-silver hair, which suited them very well and then there are those unfortunates who simply seem unkempt with their dull grey locks.

    My grey - or rather, white - hair are very brittle and break easily. When I find one, I pull it out!

  3. Glad to know it's not so uncommon. :) Danica

  4. So funny you mention this! I'm starting to think it's our generation. I'd noticed it in a few friends of mine, like larger pathces of grey. No reason to name names but a very good friend of ours has a distinguished patch in his hair and speckles in the beard he's now sporting.

    I thought I was lucky and immune, buuuut when I went to get my hair done a few months ago my stylist dropped the bomb. I had been getting a glaze a couple times a year for shine and just for fun I'd been adding a red tint to it. No one else really noticed b/c my hair is so dark but it was for me. Anyway, I was kind of over the red and mentioned I might just get a clear gloss and then she said it, that perhaps I should include a color to help cover up the few greys I had. She was sure to mention it was just a few. While under the dryer I text messaged my Dad and a few good friends.

    It's not that I think there's anything wrong with grey, or the proud signal of getting older and wiser. I just didn't expect it so soon. Neither of my parents starting greying until their mid 40's!

  5. Been going grey since 19! All my family is premature grey, so it wasn't a surprise. My cousin was salt/pepper by the time he was 35. He liked it, made him look older, and therefore more likely to get respect in the working world. I think that is not for me, however! Been dying since I was 20. I love using the natural stuff- I finally found it here in a reform winkle in Woensel: Herbatint. Was so happy to not have to import it.

  6. If I'm still blogging in 5 yrs I'll be sure to come back to this post and give you an update on the gray hair quota! :) Danica