Friday, January 11, 2013

Ice Skating

This post is about a week or two late, but better late than never!  Around the Christmas & NY holidays the city built a gorgeous skating rink right in the center of town on the Markt.  As I mentioned, a lot, I'm a Floridian... so maybe you can understand why I enjoyed the rink from the sidelines.  Sure I've skated in my lifetime, but probably less than I can count on both hands.  And well, it's just not my thing... the danger outweighs the pleasure.  I'm sure in winters to come I'm going to have to stop being a wimp and get out on the ice just for my kids sake.  I happened to be walking by the skating rink as they put it together, so I snapped a shot for you.  And one evening after a nice dinner out with the family we walked by just to show our daughter.  And to be honest, she barely looked at the skaters.  She was way more fascinated with the lights and water around the rink.  While admiring the beauty of it, I was sure to get a photo for you.  For those of you living in the Eindhoven area, the outdoor skating rink is finished for this season but the indoor rink at Tongelreep (Ijssportcentrum) is open.


  1. wow..those lights look spectacular!!

  2. The light certainly stand out more than the skating rink! I live in NH and never got into ice skating much. Me and my skinny

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  3. That's gorgeous! I never did get to see anything in Eindhoven (other then the train station a number of times) when we lived over there and now I'm wishing I did!