Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blogging Anniversary #2

Wow, it's been 2 years since I let you all into the quirky world of Danica's Thoughts!!  Like any blog there have been ups and downs... times when I managed to pop out 20 posts in a month (October 2012) and even times when I considered ending the blog.  You have seen my huge collection of Wordless Wednesdays (75 and counting) and you have read my endless comparisons of The States versus The Netherlands.  Who knows what comes next, but as of now, I am still happy sharing my journey through life with you and showing you how normal & abnormal living abroad can be.  That's just it, my blog is random, I don't focus on being an expat, a woman, or a mom, I talk about many aspects of a life.  I appreciate you peaking into my world, and letting me into yours.  No matter the walk of life, we all have something to share! 
Here's a look back at some of my favorite posts :)
MY CROCS - it all started here!
AMMYY.COM SCAM - exposing scammers
STICKER GRAFFITI - love the art around town
PUPPY CLASS - good idea gone bad
GLOW OFF. - fun project with friends
RYAN AIR - getting ripped off by an airline
These are just a handful of posts from 2011 & 2012, so far there have been 302 posts since I started this blog!!! 

Thank you for all of your support & comments, whether you're one of the 66 Google Friend Connect followers, one of the 34 Bloglovin' followers, or even just someone stopping by, it's the readers that make this blog possible!


  1. It goes so quick doesn't it heheh!

    Happy 2nd blog anniversary ;-)

    I found it hard getting passed the captcha

    1. Finally a comment on my 2 yr anniv post, I was starting to wonder where all of the readers were, ha-ha! :) Danica