Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fresh Veggies #2

I'm not so thrilled with the weather changing, but I am definitely happy that the autumn vegetables are back!  The first thing that crossed my mind when the chill hit the air was the road side veggie stand in Riethoven (Walik)!  Last year we stumbled upon a beautiful assortment of pumpkins and squashes, and I was eager to head back.  We took the risk of going a few weeks earlier than last year, but luckily the stand was up and running.  She didn't have as big of a selection yet, so I think we'll be taking the 1hr round trip again later in the month.  Besides the stunning, colorful display being perfect for a hobby photographer, the vegetables are actually delicious.  I don't cook the pumpkins though, as of yet we gave them to family and also displayed one in the living room (maybe we'll get around to carving it).  But I do cook the large squashes.  This year I picked up a butternut squash and a spaghetti squash to bake, and they were both soooo delicious!
I can't help but show you pictures from our stop at the self-service veggie stand (but I'm saving my favorite shot for a Wordless Wednesday)!


  1. We went out for some today too at the pumpkin patch and I was thrilled with what we brought home!

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync. :)

  2. I know grocery stores are needed but there's still nothing like buying it fresh from the farmer! :) Danica

  3. Visiting the farmers' market is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love getting the fresh vegetables, it just tastes better! When I buy my gourmet foods online, the fresh veggies that I get go so perfectly. Its a great way to reduce sodium in your diet too because the meals are so flavorful, you don't need the extra seasonings.