Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Missing Market

Do you know what the kids toy market is missing... a grandma & grandpa Barbie!  When we decided to buy our daughter the Barbie Dream House my head started swirling with memories of my childhood.  I had every type of Barbie you could imagine, I think by the time I sold the dolls I easily had 40 in my personal play collection and I still have around 15 collectibles (in the box) stored back in Florida.  Part of my vast collection was a grandma & grandpa doll, I thought they were Barbie but when I started searching online I found out they were actually part of the Heart Family (also Mattel).  No matter what, they looked just like a Barbie and as I kid I could have cared less.  My daughter loves to act out her life through her dolls and grandparents (she has 6) are a big part of her life.  Since multiple members of my family are already hitting me up for Christmas ideas (I will not mention names) these dolls popped in mind.  I wasn't having any luck here in The Netherlands so I asked for assistance from a family member in The States. 

And we both ended up with the same result... Heart Family dolls no longer exist and yes, they made a grandma & grandpa Barbie once... you can buy them on Ebay for $199.99!!!  Yes, you read this correct, $199.99!!!  Needless to say, my daughter will not be getting grandparent dolls.  That's unless someone from Mattel happens to read my post, and thinks you know what, we should put those dolls back on the market.  Why?  How many different Barbie Fashionistas does the market need?  Some kids actually play with Barbie's because of the role playing, because of their vast imaginations, and not because they have on a glittery dress and ridiculous heels.  Do you hear me Mattel, the market is missing some wholesome Barbie Families!
As usual, I've included pictures... as you can see the Heart Family is definitely outdated and the grandma/grandpa Barbie blends into this time period, but they're not worth the Ebay price!


  1. We've got Christmas thoughts running around our place too (both from inside it and outside of it). :) 'tis the season. ;)

    Thank you for linking up to Super Sunday Sync!

  2. That is a GREAT idea! Think of the money Mattel would make if they reintroduced those dolls! They are crazy not to. You should write the company and suggest it. Maybe they'd give you some kind of reward.

  3. I never knew there were Grandpa and Grandma dolls at time. It would be great if Mattel would add these to the group. I remember as a child my friends and I would make our own Barbie houses out of huge cardboard boxes. It was fun! We would make all the furniture too.

  4. After mentioning these dolls to people (or even reading up about them online) I seem to find 2 reactions, either wow great idea or that's just weird! Funny, huh! :) Danica

  5. I had my share of Barbies, but I don't recall the grands either...