Monday, October 7, 2013


Every autumn our town hosts "Lichtjesroute" (Route of Lights).  It is exactly what it says, it's a route you can follow via car, bike, or even on foot with lots of light displays on the side of the road.  The event begins on September 18th, marking the liberation of Eindhoven during World War II.  Our daughter went last year on bike for the first time, and she talked about it all year.  So of course when the event rolled around again we were sure to take her.  But somehow she's ended up going about 4 times this year, every time a new reason... last time I wasn't on the bike... last time Dad wasn't with... well my cousin hasn't seen it... I'm sure our daughter could come up with more reasons!  I can only imagine how impressed our 4 yr old would be with Christmas light displays in The States.  Who knows, maybe one day we'll make it there around that time of year.  But as for now she can just keep enjoying Lichtjesroute.  My husband put together a quick collage of pics from his phone to give you an idea of what the displays look like.  And if any of you are in the Eindhoven area, the event goes on until the 13th of October.

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