Sunday, July 6, 2014

Great B-Day!

Yesterday I turned 33 years old!  Like so many birthdays in the past my family was sure to make it a very happy birthday!  Even though my side of the family is in The States, they are always sure to call, Skype, send cards, & presents - thanks!  The other half of the family I get to see in person, and we have our yearly bbq combined with the city fair, and of course cake & presents - thanks!

This year, like so many, my incredible husband bought me an amazing b-day gift.  (Last year he bought me my 1st car here in The Netherlands!)  I do have to give my daughter credit for coming up with the idea this year but it was my husband who made it happen.  They bought me a brand new bike!  See here in NL bikes are very important (wrote about this when my last bike was stolen).  Finally I have a bike again, and it's beautiful!!!  It's retro style and even has a cute wicker basket.  I was sold on it the moment I walked into the shop (great display work on the stores part).  And on top of the great present, my husband did me a huge favor and biked it home for me from my in-laws one town over (45 min bike ride), thanks!!!

As always I have to include pics.  One is the display at the store Bike Best.  And the other is an adorable plaque on the frame of the bike.

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!

:) Danica