Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Helping Out

It's the end of the school year and this means helping the school with odd and end tasks, as well as the usual ones.  Since January I have been working in the school library, once a week another mom & I tidy up the shelves of books and return all of the borrowed books to their places.  Generally this is about 30 minutes of work, which I don't mind.  I like volunteering at the elementary school, I think I would even take a part time job at my kids school if something opened up.  Today was the last morning I was to work in the library, and unfortunately the other mother couldn't help out.  It would have been nice to volunteer one last time together, oh well.  I actually thought there would be less books than usual, but actually it was just the opposite.  At least they left me something to remember the school by.  (My daughter will be going to a different school after the summer.)

Besides the fixed volunteer work, I have always been available to help out in the class when needed.  Cleaning up after sleepovers, checking for lice, helping out with breakfast's, and even going on field trips.  And there was one last request, help clean the toys in the class before the summer.  I wanted to sign up to help clean the classroom itself, but my husband was away and I didn't want to arrange a babysitter on a school night.  So I offered to take double the amount of toys home to clean.  I ended up with 2 trash bags full.  One full of stuffed animals and the other full of costumes.  Glad my husband wasn't home, because it looked like I was running some kind of kids laundry mat for two days!

Now that all of the tasks are completed it's starting to sink in, school is almost over, summer is nearing rapidly, and August is going to bring a lot of new experiences our way.  Hopefully I can also get involved at the new school!

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!

:) Danica

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