Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Dress

Summer dress... party dress... something to wear to a wedding, whatever you want to call it I'm having a little trouble deciding what to wear to an upcoming event. 

When purchasing a dress for an acquaintances wedding many requirements arose.
#1)  It has to be multi-functional, I can't justify getting a new dress if I'm only going to wear it to weddings.  (At my age there aren't so many weddings anymore.)
#2)  It has to be able to handle weight loss & gain.  (This is unfortunately common for me.)
#3)  It has to be fun, I'm not really into formal, chic, or stuffy.  (Most people are surprised when they see me in a dress.)
#4)  It has to be summery with refreshing colors, patterns, or embroidery.  (Here in NL it's only warm enough to wear dresses in the summer anyway.)

Keeping all of this in mind, as well as a budget, I ordered 8 dresses from an online store.  The beauty of ordering online - you can try it on in the convenience of your own home and return what you don't want.  Generally the "fitting room" sessions are quite upsetting.  I went through this in the weekend at H&M, I left feeling like an elephant and that styles these days aren't made for my body shape.  Depressing!!!  But luckily the "fitting room" session in my own bedroom today went much better.  Shockingly I liked the majority of the dresses and they liked me.  I actually had to choose between what I wanted to keep and/or found most relevant for the event.  (This never happens!)

So, now I've narrowed it down to two dresses, and just have to decide which one to wear.  The old tradition says never to wear white to a wedding, but come on, it's 2014, and I'm sure that tradition is long gone.  But I also have to keep in mind I'm in The Netherlands and to be honest I have no idea what their norm is for wedding guest attire.  And to be fair, coral is my color, it makes me look tan and cheerful.  So most likely I'll go with the coral dress but I thought I'd first ask around for other opinions.

What do you think, which dress is more wedding guest appropriate?
(Keep in mind the white one is embroidered on the top, it's kind of hard to see.  And the stripe near the bottom is see through.)

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!

:) Danica


  1. Oh I think they're both super cute! I think the coral for the wedding is the better choice but is there no viable excuse to keep the white one as well?!? I love white in the summer, even though I always get something one it lol, it's just so fresh and put together and yet can be casual.

    1. Just to be safe, I went with the coral one, it was nice :) Danica