Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ender's Game

I can only remember listening to one audio book in my adult years, Ender's Game.  At this time in our lives (over 7yrs ago) my husband was easily spending 4-5hrs in his car everyday and he was looking for ways to entertain himself.  A colleague suggested audio books, so he took him up on the suggestion and borrowed a stack of cd's.  One of which he enjoyed so much he wanted to share it with me.  Despite the hours he spent in the car for work, at this time we also often went on Sunday drives, which took us all over The Netherlands and occasionally across the border.  It was the perfect time for us to pop in the cd's and get lost in Orson Scott Card's imaginative book.  We were big on movies and owned a couple tv show collections on dvd but we didn't read together.  (Do you read with your partner or at least exchange books?)  It was an entirely new experience for us!  Sometimes we would return home and just sit in the apartment parking lot finishing off a chapter, we couldn't get enough.  Even the ending of the book shocked us, all of that listening and imagining and somehow the author still surprised us.  When we finished the audio book we talked about buying more but it never happened.  Then here we are all these years later and I've started seeing advertisements for Ender's Game, but this time it's a movie!  For old times sake maybe I can convince my husband to watch it at the theater with me, but if not, we'll definitely be renting it down the road.  The book is about kids, but the idea behind it is so much more.  I'm crossing my fingers that the director gets it right and passes on this intriguing story from 1985! 

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